Junior Mathematicians' Problem Solving Competition

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Welcome to the Junior Mathematicians' Problem Solving Competition!


August 19, 2023


10am-1pm PST, 1pm-4pm EST

Difficulty Level

Our contest caters to all difficulty levels (much more than last season), whether you are completely new to competition math or are an experienced veteran in your country’s national olympiad.

JMPSC 2023

The Contest

This year, JMPSC offers two divisions, each of which contains two rounds. To qualify for the second round, participants must be in the top half of the first round.

Division II is meant to be accessible for EVERYONE, even those who have never heard of competition math before. (Great way to introduce your friends to competition math!) Final placements and prize winners are decided first by scores, then by the speed of submission (although due to the weightings, ties will most likely be irrelevant).

Platform: JMPSC will be hosted on google meets. Further instructions will be sent once you sign up

Eligibility: This year will be open to all high schoolers, middle schoolers, and elementary schoolers.



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